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May 2019



Thank you Phil Burt for all your hard work yesterday taking all the photographs. I know there were a few of you who didn’t get a chance to purchase any yesterday so Phil has very kindle offered to comedown next Saturday if you would like to pop down to have a look. He will be [...]

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THANK YOU everyone an amazing £264.30 was raised yesterday at our annual presentation to kick start our fundraising this year and £31.60 towards us sponsoring a guide dog

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Please note that all fees were due on the first week of term which was the week beginning 22-4-19 With such a busy term it would be appreciated if you could settle all accounts ASAP THANK YOU.

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Summer school theatre trip


Sorry it’s all about money tonight! Those who have booked for the theater trip on Saturday August 10th all money for this is due on or before 01/06/19 Thank you. X

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Show consent Forms


Show consent forms are going out this week please complete and return ASAP to enable us to start choreographing routines. Thanks in advance. X

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April 2019

Photographs prices for our presentation day.


Our photograph, Phil Burt this year will be able to print and present you with your purchase on the day. Please find below his price list and methods of payment. 4” x 6” colour print  £4 each, £7.50 for 2, £10.00 for 3, all mounted and wrapped 6” x 8” colour print £8 each, £15 [...]

Photographs prices for our presentation day. 2019-04-28T17:12:42+00:00

Feeling So Proud


Dance-A-Cise IS FEELING SO PROUD I have just sat a read all your report forms. Girls,boys,ladies & gents I’m sat here with tears of joy in my eyes. I’m so very proud of you all. Can’t wait to see you all next week. XXX

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What Amazing Exam Results


BREAKING NEWS! Exam results reached me to day. Once again girls & boys you’ve done us proud. 100% pass. Graded exams you need 65% to pass our lowest mark was 81%. One very happy/ proud teacher.

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February 2019

Summer school news


Dance-A-Cise is feeling excited. Published by Janette Gregory · Just now ·  Summer school news. Booking forms are now available however we have had to make a slight change to our program due to the fact that "Mary Poppins" our chosen musical does not open in the west end until October 23rd 2019. So we have decided to show the DVD [...]

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Time table continued


INTERNATIONAL DANCE TEACHERS’ ASSOCIATION   EXAMINATION TIMETABLE   PRINCIPAL Janette Gregory ……………   DATE March 16th 2019……………………..…..…………   1          2                     3                                   4                             5                     6                 7 No Time First Name Surname Branch (Note A) Grade (Note B) Pin Number 39 12.01 Lilly Banks MTR INTRO CDR141 40 12.01 Ava Wilkins MTR INTRO CDR142 [...]

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